49ers new Santa Clara stadium cost goes up again — to $1.3 billion

The agreement on how to spend future property tax money on the San Francisco 49ers’ new Santa Clara stadium fell apart again yesterday, as the state finance department ruled that it was illegal. Now the whole thing goes back to court, though it’s not entirely clear what settlement is possible.

05.08.2014 Santa Clara: Harsh reviews of Levi’s Stadium’s opening night. Saturday saw the first event at Levi’s Stadium and also thousands of frustrated fans, who couldn’t get in or out the stadium. The list of downturns is very long, though Levi’s Stadium has a chance of making a great future.

Levi’s Stadium: 49ers happy, Santa Clara may be on hook. Back in November 2006, York projected the stadium would cost $600 million to $800 million to build. The price tag ended up at $1.27 billion, and it likely will take years to know how good of a deal Levi’s Stadium is for Santa Clara taxpayers.

and Yankee Stadium in New York City’s Bronx borough, at $1.66 billion, just a little more than the .3 billion estimated cost for Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. All building costs are adjusted for.

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"The city doesn’t make any money from 49ers games, but it does get a cut when concerts and other events are hosted at the stadium.". The 49ers pay something like $25 million a year to rent it for their events, so they just mean that they don’t individually bill for 49ers game, but they "make money" from it.

The 49ers turned their focus to making Santa Clara the home to their new stadium. The 1997 plan Edit San Francisco voters in 1997 approved $100 million in city spending to build a new stadium and an attached shopping mall at Candlestick Point.

 · What’s behind the turf war between Joe Montana and the 49ers. Montana’s $400 million project goes ahead, Santa Clara needs to come up with 8.5 acres of.

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Oakland Raiders eye NFL’s smallest stadium. The 49ers have generated more than $400 million from the purchase of seat licenses for their $1.3 billion, 68,500-seat stadium in Santa Clara. The Raiders are projecting to take in about $100 million from the sales of seat licenses. But the team has a poor track record in that department.