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Concerned about the skyrocketing rents in San Diego, residents have posted a petition for rent control on "Renters are experiencing substantial rent hikes that are not consistent with.

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TENANTS LEGAL CENTER OF SAN DIEGO Rent Increases . Cities with RENT CONTROL . WHAT CAN TENANTS DO ? In San Diego, unless you are in Govt. subsidized housing or in certain mobile home parks, there is no rent control on your rental.

An information page about how rent control regulations are administered in san francisco. wikipedia, "Rent Control." Overview of the history of rent control and arguments over rent control in the.

“We want National City to change,” she said. “These types of problems are in low-income communities, and people think we don’t have a voice.” Advocates and residents say the city’s setback won’t keep.

Although not on the agenda, arguments over rent control dominated the discussion Wednesday at a san diego city council committee meeting. Scores of public speakers – both for and against rent control – appeared before the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee, which includes four City Council members.

According to Tucker, "The usual result of rent control is to split the housing market in two. Some people get great deals while others face housing shortages and higher-than-market prices." In some municipalities, tenants of rent-controlled units were paying 40-50 percent below market, and those numbers pale in comparison to the bargains New York’s rich and famous were and are getting.

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Most economists-left or right-leaning-think rent control is bad. 4. One of the best studies of rent control shows that it primarily benefits older households at the expense of households without rent control. There actually aren’t a ton of empirical studies looking at how rent control plays out in practice.