Election could unlock billions of dollars for housing, ramp up Bay Area development

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Election could unlock billions of dollars for housing and ramp up Bay Area development THE MERCURY NEWS – Oct 22 Up to $6 billion for affordable housing is on the line in November as California voters.

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Families have a new affordable place to live in the San francisco bay area’s high-cost housing market. The Acts Cyrene Apartments has opened with 59 affordable apartments for low- and very low-income residents. One of the first residents is a young single mother of four boys. Like many others.

How to End the Bay Area Housing Crisis. If people are to follow the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of housing burdened (spending 30 percent or more of their monthly income on housing), the average Bay Area resident would have to make $76,320 per year to live in even a studio apartment.

Election could unlock billions of dollars for housing, ramp up bay area development [mercury news] Bay Area tops U.S. in new office space, but lags in housing starts [East Bay Times] Brisbane voters making tough choices on housing with Baylands project [San Francisco Chronicle]

Up to $6 billion for affordable housing is on the line in November as California voters prepare to weigh in on two statewide bonds that could fund tens of thousands of new homes.

and ramp up local renewable-power generation will also be key. In addition to San Francisco, there are several other Bay Area cities that are ready to step up to meet the "Ready for 100" challenge. This year, the Bay Chapter and our local partners. would put billions of dollars under the.

Our family has been priced out! Has the Bay Area gone crazy? Real estate prices have doubled in the last few years, a tent in the backyard can rent for $900/month, foreign investors are driving up.

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