The 10 biggest outer-borough loans in July

Top 10 Selling Cars in July 2018. In year-to-date sales, the industry experienced a 7.8% decline, led by the large car segment which was down 56.3%. Two light commercial vehicles again led the market for the month, with the Toyota Hilux posting coming out in first place ahead of second-placed Ford Ranger with 2,950 sales. For a full wrap up.

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According to filings, the bank received about 10% of the revenues. one of the biggest securities lending agents for mutual funds and insurers, declined to comment. The bank arranges and administers.

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For the second month in a row, the list was made up of deals in only Brooklyn and Queens. The Brooklyn loans range from $52.4 million to $501.5 million and add up to more than $900 million.

UPDATED, 10:05 a.m., Oct. 31: Madison Realty Capital did not dominate the top secured outer borough loans in September the way it did in August, but the firm still topped the list with a $267 million loan recorded last month and provided to Fortis Property Group for the redevelopment of the former Long Island College Hospital site.

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At the same time Antares also provided notice of the termination of the At-The-Market (“ATM”) equity offering facility which will be effective on July. and largest specialty finance company focused.

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